Brown Bag Crisps (40g bag)

Brown Bag Crisps (40g bag)

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Brown Bag Crisps are gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Lightly salted - the combination of the right potatoes, sunflower oil and just a pinch of salt creates a fantastic product where the taste of the potatoes shines though.

Sea salt & vinegar 

Empty packets of Brown Bag Crisps can now be recycled at public locations across the UK and Ireland.  Find your nearest recycling point by checking out this handy google map.

If there is not a convenient recycling point, empty packets of Brown Bag Crisps can be sent back via freepost. Please place empty packets of Brown Bag Crisps (saving up your packets and sending in batches would be appreciated) in an envelope.  Just write:

(exactly as written here) on the envelope and pop it in your nearest post box.