Conditioner bar (hair) - lavender & geranium (Friendly)

Conditioner bar (hair) - lavender & geranium (Friendly)

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Friendly's handy little bar is kinder to the planet, gentler on your scalp, and leaves your hair super-duper soft and marvellously manageable.

For our conditioners we use a special blend of cocoa butter and castor oil to give you fabulous and frizz-free results with every wash.

We won’t go too geeky on you, but the bar’s cationic positive charges help leave hair softer, less tangled and altogether more manageable. At the same time, we’ve used essential oils of Lavender and Rose Geranium to add calming and anti-bacterial to its long list of benefits. It even comes in a nifty planet-friendly box, not a plastic bottle, which are recycled and recyclable.

Friendly Tip for great results: Mix the conditioner bar in a jug with 600ml of boiling water until dissolved. Allow the mixture too cool. Decant into a recycled conditioner bottle for easy application!