loofah pad for natural cleaning available from purpleearth.net
loofah for washing available from purpleearth.net

Rectangular loofah pad

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These eco-friendly biodegradable body sponges arrive as flat as a pancake, but add them to water, and they soon puff out and grow. They are remarkable at cleaning all kinds of things: dishes, surfaces, people!

As with many of our homewares: they are totally circular meaning they are compostable and will happily break down in your compost heap.

The Loofah plant is a vigorously growing vine from the cucumber family that is rich in durable fibres yet soft and flexible. When ripe, the inside of the loofah fruit develops a network of fibres that are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating purposes.

This sponge is a perfect alternative to plastic base sponges. It is soft but flexible and robust.

Use and care:
When you receive your sponge it will be dried and completely flat. Once it is put in water it will puff up - use as a normal sponge.

In time your loofah sponge will wear out.  The old sponge is biodegradable and can be placed in your home composting bin.

Each sponge is approx 11cm by 7 cm